KAIROS ALIVE! Celebrates PBS Documentary Arts & the Mind at Dakota Jazz Club

Celebrate with KAIROS ALIVE! We are honored to be featured in the two-part documentary special “Arts & the Mind”, about the vital role the arts play in human development throughout the lifespan. Our pioneering, national award-winning participatory performing arts program for elders, KAIROS dancing heart™, our intergenerational modern dance company KAIROS dance™, and interviews with Founder/Director Maria Genné are included. Link to the PBS documentaryonline.

Program starts at 4:00 and includes excerpts from the PBS documentary, performances by Irv Williams’ jazz quartet and a few dances by the KAIROS dance™ company.

Where: Dakota Jazz Club, 1010 Nicolett Mall, Minneapolis, MN
When: Friday, September 14th, 3:30 – 5:30 pm


Happy Birthday Irv Williams

Happy Birthday Irv!

We, at Kairos Dance Theatre, are darn lucky, really lucky. We get to perform with Irv Williams, saxophonist extraordinaire. Irv is one of those modest guys who is actually quite famous behind his humble demeanor. Irv is an amazing musician – a musician’s musician who holds the melody and sends it out of his horn like a wizard creating a spell for us to dance in.

As a young man he was playing jazz in St. Louis when he was drafted into the Navy back in World War II. Fortunately his talents were discovered early and he was told to play music in the Navy Band stationed in Minnesota.

Last week Irv came with us to the VA Adult Day Program in Minneapolis. Irv and another vet shared stories about a dear friend and musician while the rest of us danced and laughed. There was camaraderie and affection among the vets and Irv. They shared something that we teaching artists didn’t. As veterans they shared hard stuff. Some were drafted when they were going to school or maybe just after they had been hired in their dream job. But they had to give it up. Their country called them to duty and they showed up.

Thanks. And thanks to Mrs. Williams for giving birth to Irwin 92 years ago. And thanks to Irv’s Grandma who breathed life into him when he was given up for dead. He sure is worth it.

Love you Irv. I am so glad you were born.


Join us at The Dakota!

Kairos Dance Theatre is very excited to be included in a 2 hour PBS documentary entitled, Arts & The Mind, and we want YOU to be there!

The camera crew will be filming Kairos dancers with musicians Irv Williams, Peter Schimke and Kevin Washington next Friday, May 13, 3-5pm at
The Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant.
The crew wants a BIG and enthusiastic audience.
We’re hoping you will come and cheer us on!

Join us for the FREE COVER Performance!

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RSVP to Beth: beth@kariosdance.org

Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant: 1010 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403

See YOU there!

Maria Genné and Kairos Dance Theatre

Tickets are on sale! Take Me Back to Hip Harlem!

Come one, come all as we take you back to Harlem. . .

December 4 & 5 we will revisit the Harlem Renaissance – Take Me Back to Hip Harlem – with Ida Arbeit, Irv Williams, Peter Schimke, Fred Steele, Kevin Washington, Nancy Nair, Elinor Anderson-Genné, Jesse Neuman-Peterson, Danessa Snustad (guest choreographer) at Intermedia Arts on:

Saturday, December 4, 7:00 pm
Sunday, December 5, 3:00 pm

For more information on the event, here is the Press Release:
Take Me Back to Hip Harlem- Press Release
You can use our ticket sales tab on our website to purchase tickets ahead of time for $22.00 ($2 is for the processing fee).
To purchase tickets click here .

IMPORTANT: please contact Beth with any questions.
At the Performance on Saturday, December 4, we will be celebrating Ida Arbeit’s 101st birthday (December 7(d.o.b.)). If you’d like to participate in the festivities or to become more involved in making our production happen and to be listed in the program, please consider a gift of:

$10.00 will light a candle on Ida’s cake.
$50.00 – $100.00 will allow you to say “I’m with the band.”
$101.00 will include your name on Ida’s special birthday card
$500 + will give you front row seats (right behind the wheelchairs)
$1,000 + will give you a backstage pass
$5,000 + will make you a producer

Doors open at 6:40 pm! (Saturday)
And at 2:40 pm! (Sunday)

We hope to see you there, but until then…here’s something for the road trip back to Harlem…

Kairos on the radio July 7

Kairos will be part of a radio program on Creative Arts and Aging hosted by Marya Morstad on KFAI radio Wednesday, July 7 at 7 PM on 90.3 (Minneapolis) and 106.7 (St. Paul) or you can stream it live at: http://www.kfai.org/
Please join us!


Check out this cool video on the Star Trib Website!

Click on link below!

A timeless groove

Beautiful dress rehearsal~~~!

What a beautiful dress rehearsal it was today at Intermedia Arts. Ida and Irv were there and Irv’s jazz quartet and the reverend Tommy Tipton with his big beautiful voice which he wasn’t going to use much today because he’s singing at the Twins’ game tomorrow but then he went and used it with us anyway and what a treat it was. The music and dance both were free in their own idiom and the two together raised things to another level of unity and meaning entirely. Feeling ready and charged for the big show Sunday, 4/18/10, 4pm, at Intermedia Arts on Lyndale near 27th street.

The Minneapolis newspaper did a long print, camera, and video interview with the two headliners, Ida and Irv. Should see it in the paper tomorrow, here’s the link:

The months of rehearsal, plus some last-minute intense focus seems to be bearing fruit with a high content show, engaging and entertaining on several levels.

The house was half filled with people from our Dancing Heart sites for the dress rehearsal. So great they could share the excitement and magic. Be sure to reserve your tickets by calling 612 926-5454. This show is likely to sell out and you don’t want to miss it~~~! -Peter