Celebrating Our Words


At our Deer Crest Dancing Heart site in Red Wing, Minnesota we are blessed to have a “resident writer”. Phil has been writing stories and essays for many years. Tuesday he shared the following with the group.

Think About Words

The words we use are indispensable ingredients for our day-to-day living; essential tools for writers and speakers. We rely on them, but how often do we take time to consider them? Words carelessly selected are soon forgotten, but words carefully chosen may be long remembered and endowed with magical powers to transcend time and space. The choices are ours.

Words in a dictionary are inert, quick frozen as it were, for our inspection and selection. They thaw out and come to life when we string them together in sentences to communicate our ideas, express our emotions and describe the scenes we have seen. The life they receive from the author can live on long after the writer has left this worldly scene. Now and again, we should reflect on how others have used words in just the right order to transcend time and space.

Like other tools we use, words are inert until we use them for good or ill. If properly used, they can help build bridges across incomprehension and chaos. If maliciously or carelessly used, they can generate hatred and set up barriers to communication and understanding.

Words and still more words, standing for this, describing that or meaning the other—a growing array of words to serve our needs. Select and use them with care and, from time to time, take time to enjoy them and admire the color and magic they give to life.

After Phil read his essay I asked the group to share a word that they loved. Carol said she loved the word “patience”. One by one participants shared anecdotes of when they were patient and when they were impatient.

“Waiting for my family to come to my house for dinner—they were often late!”

“I played on a baseball team, I learned patience working my other teammates.”

I looked around the room at this wonderful circle of wise elders– imagining their lives full of patient and impatient tales. I thought of my morning so far and how many times I was impatient and wondering where I could be more patient.

As a group we all took a deep breath in and together we whispered the word—“patience”. Celebrating the power of the word in our life!



The mission of Kairos Dance Theatre is to transform and revitalize individuals and communities. We work with older adults in intergenerational settings to liberate the healing power of interactive dance and story. We achieve our mission by engaging the skills of professional teaching artists.

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