Wow! Another Great Day at the VA

It’s our third week at the VA and it gets more amazing each time. We’re building trust and a safe environment and the vets are responding with more willingness to participate. This week we did swing dancing which came up after an imaginary tug of war game. The session included throwing pretend balls of different shapes and sizes, rowing down the river, and tap dancing.

What a joy it is to see the quietest of the vets begin to initiate activity on their own – to move an arm, tap toes, or sing along. Whatever their physical or emotional disability, as teaching artists we play to their strengths and they contribute to the richness of our Dancing Heart™ sessions. As we get to know each other with each passing week, there is more sharing, deeper friendship and lots of laughter! I consider myself lucky to be able to honor these veterans through our Kairos’ work.

~ Faith
Kairos Volunteeer


The mission of Kairos Dance Theatre is to transform and revitalize individuals and communities. We work with older adults in intergenerational settings to liberate the healing power of interactive dance and story. We achieve our mission by engaging the skills of professional teaching artists.

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