Moses Carver Williams

Moses Williams danced with Kairos Dance Theatre for more than eight years. He came to our first performance of “Dances of the Heart” on Valentine’s Day, 2002. He was a regular attendee at the Walker Methodist Adult Day Club and joined our weekly Dancing Heart sessions when we began them at Walker the following year. Soon he began attending our dance company rehearsals and started performing with us – in fact I don’t remember Moses NOT dancing with us!

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Moses joined us on our trip to NYC and helped us figure out how to get around by bus. I remember a very long bus ride to Harlem! Moses was a great traveler, as a former Minneapolis bus driver, he knew his way around and could always get you somewhere – even if you thought you were lost! Moses danced and hummed his way through performances, including our NYC premiere at The Greater Harlem Nursing Home and our performance at the Creative Aging Conference at the New Jersey Performing Art Center in Newark in November 2006. We had many adventures and Moses was always a good sport, ready to dance and go wherever we needed to show up –whether it was a school gym, a small library community room, on stage at the Pantages, at Lake Harriet Bandshell or a community college in Duluth!

Moses was a great dancer. He loved to jitterbug. He was the best at leading a smooth pattern across the floor when dancing with Sally, Joan, Pat or Carla in “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore.” Moses was a flirt with the ladies–always appreciative of a friendly smile. He enjoyed hot meals and Carla tried to make sure he got one- even if it had to be squeezed in before or after a performance! Moses was a veteran performer, he performed with us 160 times in this first decade of the 21st Century.

I will miss Moses. I will miss his duet with Jesse as Irv is playing “Tumbling Tumbleweeds,” sauntering across the stage with Peter in “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore” or walking towards Scout in “Gathering for Peace.” Our youngest member, Ava, had just taken a shine to Moses and he was drawn to her. Sometimes I wonder if she was holding his hand so that he could go – leave this life to head out on his next adventure – knowing that there was a young one here to keep the world turning after he was gone.



The mission of Kairos Dance Theatre is to transform and revitalize individuals and communities. We work with older adults in intergenerational settings to liberate the healing power of interactive dance and story. We achieve our mission by engaging the skills of professional teaching artists.

6 Responses to Moses Carver Williams

  1. Patricia Watkins says:

    Moses, who was full of smiling poses
    and when we danced
    we reflected roses.
    Missing you my friend and partner,


  2. Carla Vogel says:

    As a dancer with Kairos Dance Theater I will dearly miss our Moses. I will miss his sly smile as he would saunter down the stage with Peter in “I Don’t Get Around Much.” What a wonderful dancer he was, his warm hand swinging mine as we twirled.

    I would drive Moses to performances and rehearsals. We would haggle over world events, sport teams and share life histories in the car. When I would honk my horn and Moses would come out of his house I always felt that not only was he a fellow dancer, he was my friend. A good friend.

    I will miss linking arms has we would carefully walk down the snowy path in Loring Park to our rehearsal space. And I will miss the delightful shrieks as the children would run to Moses to give him a big hug.

    Thank you Moses for sharing your spirit with us.


  3. joan says:

    I was one of Moses’ “girls.” I always felt he connected with me when we were dancing. And yes, he was a great dancer. I loved it when he whispered “turn,” and we would do that Lindy step. I will surely miss him. A wonderful memory is Moses with Eva. His eyes would light up when she came and sat on his lap.

  4. Peter says:

    Moses was good company. Whether traveling in New York or performing before dozens or thousands, he was cool and carried himself with dignity and light. I feel blessed to have danced with him for nine years and hope he can look down and dance with us from above until we meet again in that big praise dance in the sky.

  5. Conie Borchardt says:

    I had the pleasure of dancing with Moses a few times over the last year or so. What a kind and generous soul – he will be missed!

  6. Joseph (Joe) Finley says:

    His spirit lives on in all of you…

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