Take Me Back to Hip Harlem rehearsal

We are just three weeks away from our concert series at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis on December 4 and 5 featuring centenarian, Ida Arbeit and Mr. Smooth, Irv Williams on sax with his Quartet.

Rehearsals are in full swing. On Friday we were at Ida’s Assisted Living site, rehearsing in our dance space, the TV room.

Ida, who is watching a run-through of the piece, “Body and Soul,” says, “you look like you are in a Munch painting, about to scream.” A bit blunt, but totally right on. We listened to her critique, softened the arm reaches, which gave the movement a more lush quality. Who says you can’t make valuable contributions when you are more than 100 years?


The mission of Kairos Dance Theatre is to transform and revitalize individuals and communities. We work with older adults in intergenerational settings to liberate the healing power of interactive dance and story. We achieve our mission by engaging the skills of professional teaching artists.

One Response to Take Me Back to Hip Harlem rehearsal

  1. this is the tip of the budding branch mi amiga~~))peter~

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